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Gatwick is famous for its tourist attractions such as its Aviation Museum, Chessington World of Adventure, Chartwell House, Wakehurst Place, and much more. All of them make this city an ideal place to visit along with your family members. If you are hosting a business meeting, it is the ideal place as this city has one of the busiest airports in the world, connected with other cities pan United Kingdom and other cities of the world. However, make sure that you book a gatwick accommodation a couple of weeks or even months, especially if you plan to visit Gatwick during the peak tourist season, as this ensures that you can book a room in a low cost hotel that lies at close quarters to the popular tourist spots of the city. Gatwick offers you a wide range of hotels to choose from across different price ranges.

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What is a hotel?

A hotel is a place where one can get accommodation, meals, and other services for tourists and travellers. While most such accommodations provide limited amenities with their room such as a TV and a fridge, the costlier hotels also include spas, gyms, swimming pools, conference rooms, pickup from, and transfer to the airport, and much more. As most of them have their own website, one can book Gatwick accommodation from the comfort of their home. Simply fill up their online form with your date of arrival and departure and the type of room you would like to book, and pay the amount online.

Who would use a hotel?

Both tourists and business executives require hotels whenever they visit a different city, as this provides them a place to stay. Apart from this, nearly all of them offer free breakfast as a part of the deal. If you feel hungry, you can visit the hotel's restaurant to eat. It is a good idea to book accommodation gatwick in a hotel that lies in close proximity with restaurants, tourist spots, shopping centres, and public transport.

Why would someone use a hotel?

Not everybody has relatives in the city they visit. Therefore, they need a place where they can sleep after a hard day visiting popular tourist spots. While guesthouses and hostels are another option, they do not offer the privacy that the hotel offers.

What are the benefits of using a hotel?

Decent quality hotels provide you the same comfort you are accustomed to at your home. They offer a host of services including laundry, pickup from and to the hotel from the airport, free WiFi connectivity, in room televisions, water boilers, refrigerators, attached bathrooms, and much more. As they are available in different price ranges, you can rest assured that you will find one that meets your budget.

What are common features of hotels?

All hotels provide basics like free breakfast, a bed, a private bathroom, free WiFi connection. Many of them also offer their guests with coupons that allow discounted entry fees for popular tourist spots of the city they are located in.